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Checker is committed to protecting brands of all sizes from a variety of online crimes.
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Global brand protection and data collection tool in a fight for safer resale sites and social networks.
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With our AI-powered software we provide automated detection of fake products across marketplaces and websites 24/7.
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About Us

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Company will get information about locations, prices, changes over time, and information about the most popular products listed on resale sites. Checker turns the wasteland of grey area commerce into a harvest of data and actionable insights.
  • Connect The company selects markets (countries) and websites inside markets to monitor.
  • Dedicated tool The Checker team prepares a dedicated AI crawler, a smart counterfeiting detective that works for the brand 24/7.
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In real-time via Checker dashboard company receives data with deep actionable insights from resale sites. Manager or IP consultant gets an opportunity to click and ask the resale platform to remove the product from listed products. Next phase is to set up rules for each company that instantly start the enforcement process for counterfeits.

Automatically enforce against fakes or review detections and decide.


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