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  • What is Checker?
    Checker is an online AI-powered image and data analysis engine that enables brand managers to track and report counterfeit as well as second-hand goods online.
  • How does Checker work?
    With our AI-powered software we provide automated detection of fake products across marketplaces and websites 24/7. Once the platform reports a counterfeit product, you can review and remove the product in less than 3 clicks. With our reporting system you will be able to get a hold of data important for your business decisions such as price change over time, most popular products from your brand, price variation between resale sites you are tracking, etc.
  • What makes Checker different?
    We mixed benefits of several established and outdated software into one fresh solution that collects all functionalities.
    We will help your analysts, lawyers and management spend their time making important decisions and thinking about the next big thing for your brand, while our tool covers boring admin work.
  • Are demo accounts available?
    We provide a 14-days free full access trial period upon request. You can reach out to us and schedule a demo here:
  • Can I export my data?
    Checker users can easily export all collected data into Excel, CSV or Json file with just one click.
  • Can I have multiple users?
    We support multiple users in all plans.
  • How much does Checker cost?
    The Data Transfer Project was launched in 2020 to create an open-source, service-to-service data portability platform so that all individuals across the web could easily move their data between online service providers whenever they want.